Personal information

Make sure that the personal information in your profile your profile is up to data, if you are new, add your personal information for better processing. You can reach you profile by clicking in the corresponding option in the main menu or in your username at the top right corner of the page.

Applying for travel sponsorship

In the events list you can see a list of all events. You can create new events, with permissions, and apply to existing events.

You can create new requests by checking into the "Ask for" column. You can save the request at any moment and edit later. Requests will be available in your travel support requests list. New requests remain under the "INCOMPLETE" status until you are ready to submit. You can create, edit and save all changes. You can change the request state by using the "ACTION" button.

When ready to turn in your request, click the "STATE" button and change to "SUBMIT". After changing to this state, you can only modify information by reverting the state back to INCOMPLETE.

Always remember to select "SUBMIT" when you are ready to turn in your request.

How to Apply

We use a reimbursement system where pay for yourself and then submit your expenses for reimbursement. If you are absolutely unable to pay on your own, contact the e.V. to request direct pay for your expenses.

  1. The board must approve the budget before the trip.
    • If you are attending a *KDE Sprint*, it will be managed by the sprint organization.
    • If you want to be funded to attend an *external event*, please contact the KDE e.V. Board to make sure it can be included in the budget.
    • Please provide the KDE e.V. board with the following information:

      • Who you are and where in KDE you are involved
      • What's the purpose of your trip
      • Why it is a good thing to sponsor your trip
      • Why you need a subsidy
      • What are your estimated costs and how much should your subsidy be

  2. Once approved, create a new *Travel Support Request* in
  3. Once the *Travel Support Request* is approved, accept it if everything is in order.
  4. Attend and enjoy your meeting!
  5. After traveling, create a new *Reimbursement* request no more than 3 months after the event, add all receipts (scanned copies) and additional documents. *Reimbursements* without proper receipts won't be processed.
  6. The *Reimbursement* request will be processed and paid.
  7. Remember to tell the KDE Community about the experience by publishing a dot story or a post on Planet KDE explaining how it helped KDE and what you have learned and experienced in relation to KDE during your trip.

About the application

This application offers a convenient way of managing travel sponsorship requests and marketing materials programs of free software organizations. Developed initially by the openSUSE Travel Support Program and the shipment of openSUSE's booth boxes, the workflow of requests and reimbursements can be changed to fulfill the needs of any organization.

For more information, please review our travel sponsorship policy by clicking here!